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Modern Homes

7305 Riverside Dr Richmond VA 23225

Classic modern elements emphasizing clean lines and connection to the natural environment.  Overlooking the James River and Pony Pasture.

1308 N 23rd St. Richmond, VA 23223

This local modern finds itself at home in its historic built environment while offering a restrained modernism.

803 Jessamine St. Richmond VA 23223

Innovative Union Hill  3-Story Modern with sweeping views and private roof terrace.

967 Pink St. 
Richmond, VA 23223

The ubiquitous modern farmhouse strikes again.  This time in Church Hill.

412 N 35th St.
Richmond VA 23223

Essentialist modernism at its finest.  A true respite from the busy pace of City life.

908 1/2 Parrish St. Richmond VA 23226

Invitational elegance and warm style showcasing large windows and clean lines in Richmond's desirable Near West End.

4413 Augusta Ave. 
Richmond, VA 23230

Scandinavian inspired modern architecture in Richmond's coveted Area 20.

1612 N 28th St. Richmond VA 23223

Simple forms and dramatic windows create a clean elegance in this industrial modern infill.

2522 & 2524 Q St
Richmond VA 23223

Industrial modern infill home.  These mirror imaged homes are a textbook case for the quintessence of modern urban living.


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